Poway San Diego Water Leak Repair

Poway San Diego Water Leak RepairMany plumbing leaks occur in between walls and under concrete slabs, making them extremely difficult to find. If you do not detect the leaks quickly, it can lead to serious damage and costly repairs. Our experience and leading technology allow us to locate the source of water and gas leaks in hard to find places.

Leak detection will determine if, and in some cases, where a leak has occurred in systems which may contain liquids and/or gases. Methods of leak detection can include hydrostatic testing, state of the art leak locating equipment and line location, infrared, and laser technology.

For small leaks on a straight run of a pipe, you can implement DIY strategies.  One strategy is to use putty to plug the leak.  Another option is to use a special fiberglass tape.  Wrap it around the pipe and stop the leak. These DIY solutions are only temporary. You should call a professional to repair the pipes or to replace the damaged sections of the pipe.  Fix them now rather than wait for them to get worst.  Of course, for water leaks that are underground or behind walls, call a professional plumber who is qualified to do the job correctly.

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