Poway San Diego Video Inspections

Poway San Diego Video InspectionsYou may find yourself calling a plumber more often than you would like. If there are chronic issues going on with your water supply system, you may want to consider doing a video inspection of your plumbing pipes.

This is a camera head that goes in the drain line and gives a visual of the condition or issues in that line. Once we find the problem, our professionals can provide you with the best solution to resolve the issues quickly and effectively. We can also do line location when doing a video inspection to determine the depth and location of the plumbing problem.

Video cameras are useful tools for examining the condition of your pipes. These cameras are small enough to fit through pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter. They are flexible enough to pass through twists and turns of the water pipe systems. These cameras are waterproof and have an attached light so images of the pipe walls are clear and easy to diagnose. Best of all, the camera relays the images in real time so the technician can probe the affected area in greater detail as needed. We can save the information so you can look at them later, plus you can use the before and after images to confirm that the repairs are complete.

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