My HOA referred me to Dependable Plumbing as my bathtub was filling with water when the washer was in the rinse cycle. I know – totally weird.  Anyway Kent was the plumber who came out.  The time window was 9:30-10:30 and he came out at exactly 10:05.  He was awesome!  So nice and friendly and very knowledgeable.  Also, very honest.  I asked him to look at my water heater to see how much more life it had – as it was 10 years old.  He thoroughly checked it out and told me I didn’t have to worry for another 5 years!   He could have so ripped me off and I would not have known otherwise.   It wound up taking him 2 hours to fix the plumbing problem as it was really clogged, and while it ultimately was not the responsibility of the HOA (Bummer!), I felt the price I was charged was very very reasonable.  He worked his ass off I was really pleased.  I would definitely ask for Kent if and when I have to use them again.